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Custom audio greetings made

Nobody loves making audio recordings for their phone system.

So, we made it super easy to create amazing audio greetings with our Instant Pro Voice Studio, that helps people get instant info.

Just type in your greeting, and listen to it instantly. It’s. That. Easy.

Easier Greetings =

Easily update your phone greetings anytime, with the Pro Voice Studio. Just type your message and it will INSTANTLY be turned into a voice recording. Its. That. Easy.

Try out the Pro Voice Studio …

See How It Works.

Just Type and Play.

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(Type a greeting. Click the button. Listen to your message)

Nobody loves making audio recordings for their phone system.

So, we made it super easy to create amazing audio greetings with our Pro Voice Studio, that instantly converts text into professional audio greetings.

No more clunky attempts at audio recordings. Create professional audio greetings in seconds by simply typing your message.

Easily edit our default scripts, or write your own. It’s that easy…try it out now.

All the features you need for ministry on the go.


Text Messaging

Automatically send SMS messages to a caller, to keep them engaged, and get them to take action.


Call Forwarding

Forward or route your ministry calls to your cell phone, or to an assistant, or even volunteers.

Custom Greetings

Quickly update your greeting by simply typing your message. Our system automagically converts text to audio.

Remote Voicemail

Get ministry voice messages remotely...anywhere, anytime.

Call Menus

Setup multi level menus and let the Virtual Attendant field every call.


Create unlimited extensions, and even automate responses by extension.

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