Talk In Church

Forward any call, anytime,

We’ve made it easy to forward calls to any staff member.

Wherever ministry takes you, your  calls can go with you.

On a mission trip? At camp? Working from a coffee Shop or home office?

No problem. Your phone isn’t stuck at your church desk anymore. The virtual assistant routes callers to any staff member cell phone.

What does the Virtual Receptionist do for you?

Department & Team Routing

Give your callers the best options

Menu options are a great way to send callers to specific ministry departments, or staff. Don’t have departments? No problem! You can also configure options to route calls directly to team members.

Discover Submenus

When you need more menu options for callers, submenus can help.

Submenus give you the ability to add multiple levels of menu options to your call menu. For example, if you wish to provide callers with separate menus for different campuses, submenus are the perfect solution.

Automated Messages

Give your callers access to important information

Provide callers with menu options that play automated messages. Now your callers can gain access to important information such as service times without needing to speak to your team.

Upload or record your custom messages right from your Talk In Church dashboard.

Voicemail Made Simple

Check voicemail by email, browser, & app

Never miss a voicemail — Enable email, mobile, & desktop app notifications when receiving a new voice message.

Customize your voicemail greetings & assign separate mailboxes to your team members, departments, & phone numbers.

Mailboxes can be added or removed at anytime & provide unlimited storage capacity.

Dial-by-Name Directories

Connect callers to your team

Create dial-by-name directories that give your callers the ability to connect with the right team member.

Do you have multiple team members with the same first or last name? No problem, you can add a submenu to your directory & give your callers the opportunity to choose the team member they wish to reach.

You can even create list directories that provide callers with numerous options to choose from based on the 3 or 4 digit extension they enter.

Easier Greetings = More Engagement.

See How It Works.

Just Type and Play.

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(Type a greeting. Click the button. Listen to your message)

Nobody loves making audio recordings for their phone system.

So, we made it super easy to create amazing audio greetings with our Pro Voice Studio, that instantly converts text into professional audio greetings.

No more clunky attempts at audio recordings. Create professional audio greetings in seconds by simply typing your message.

Easily edit our default scripts, or write your own. It’s that easy...try it out now.

All the features you need for ministry on the go.


Text Messaging

Automatically send SMS messages to a caller, to keep them engaged, and get them to take action.


Call Forwarding

Forward or route your ministry calls to your cell phone, or to an assistant, or even volunteers.

Custom Greetings

Quickly update your greeting by simply typing your message. Our system automagically converts text to audio.

Remote Voicemail

Get ministry voice messages remotely...anywhere, anytime.

Call Menus

Setup multi level menus and let the Virtual Attendant field every call.


Create unlimited extensions, and even automate responses by extension.

Setup Your New Phone System
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No changes to your existing system until you’re sure this is the best solution for your church.


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Engage Callers

Supercharge Your Phone System With All These Powerful Features For Less Than Your Land Line!

Custom Greetings

Just type in your greeting, and listen to it instantly. It’s. That. Easy.

Instantly Text Callers

Imagine texting callers instant info, while they
are still on the phone with you!

Unlimited Extensions

Create unlimited extensions for staff and volunteers, and attach automations to them.

Virtual Receptionist

Give callers instant info and helpful choices with a multi-level auto attendant.

No Expensive Hardware

Replace Your Outdated Desktop or VOIP Phones, without changing your number!

Simple Online Dashboard

Intelligent online dashboard designed to help you turn every call into a ministry opportunity.

Healthy Boundaries =

Do ministry on the go, without
sacrificing healthy boundaries,
by keeping your personal
number private!

Take calls anywhere: coffee shops, home, office, camp, or while on mission trips, without exposing your personal mobile number.

Make and take calls on your schedule, wherever ministry takes you, yet be able to shut it off when you need some space to refresh or spend time with family.

But, don’t worry….even if you don’t take a call, the Virtual Assistant will automatically text helpful info to each caller! Score!

See Why Thousands Of Church Leaders Love

“It’s surprising how many more people we engage now. We can even track guests back to a phone call. Get Talk In Church. We got it up and running in minutes, and it has saved us a ton of time and money already.” ~ Russ

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